The ANSWER Writing Routine

Keys to Literacy Event

This professional development addresses written responses to question prompts based on text and non-text sources. This kind of combined comprehension-writing task is often found on writing assessments such as standardized state tests, high-school SAT’s, and benchmark on-demand classroom writing. Teachers learn how to prepare students to independently complete these kinds of tasks by teaching a specific routine for writing from sources that is practiced throughout the school year using subject area text.

During training, participants practice generating writing prompts related to content classroom text and non-text sources. Emphasis is placed on having students complete content writing responses multiple times throughout the school year in order to develop the skills required to successfully complete similar tasks while taking on-demand assessments.

The ANSWER Writing Routine includes these strategies and skills:


A           Analyze the prompt

- determine purpose, task, audience
- determine source requirements                                                          

N          Notes

- set up two-column notes
- read actively

       S           Select

- select relevant source information/evidence
- integrate if multiple sources

W           Write

- write an introductory statement
- turn notes into sentences and paragraphs
- use transitions to connect ideas and source references

ER           Edit and Revise

- reread prompt
- check organization and clarity
- revise to improve response
- edit for conventions

During this training, participants learn:

  • Connections to related reading and writing state literacy standards
  • How to “unpack” and generate a writing-from-sources prompt
  • How to teach this routine for writing responses
  • How to provide user-friendly feedback and opportunities to revise written essay responses
  • How to identify literacy skills that may need explicit instruction

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Who Should Participate

Grades 3-8 and high school teachers of any content area, educators who provide support to struggling readers, literacy specialists and coaches, and building administrators.


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