Key Vocabulary Routine Train the Trainer

Keys to Literacy Event

The 5-day training is broken into two sections: April 29 through May 1 AND June 3 and 4.

Advanced training for building or district level individuals to become Certified Level I Trainers for The Key Vocabulary Routine.


The Key Vocabulary Routine is a research-based vocabulary instruction professional development program for grades 3-12. The training can be used to support an MTSS district or building literacy model for Tier I Core instruction and Tiers II & III supplemental instruction. The routine includes:

  • previewing unknown vocabulary before reading
  • using activities that make connections between known and unknown words (semantic mapping, categorizing, semantic feature analysis, scaling)
  • selecting academic words to teach in-depth
  • activities for learning words in-depth (Frayer, Concept Definition Map, Two-Column) and user-friendly definitions
  • word learning strategies (using the context, using word parts)
  • promoting a word conscious classroom

This five-day course prepares literacy educators to provide professional development for this teaching routine. Participants will learn how to:

  • Deliver initial training for teachers using a hybrid-online model that combines face-to-face training with an online course *
  • Provide follow-up coaching to teachers
  • Deliver a workshop for administrators about how to support implementation

Upon completion of the course, participants will become licensed trainers and can deliver training for their sponsoring school district.

What’s included:

  • 5 days of training, certificate of 27.5 hours
  • Materials: The Key Vocabulary Routine training book, online course registration, Level I Trainer Manual and all training materials
  • Free access to the password protected Keys to Literacy resource center


This Train-the-Trainer model is for districts that want to use in-house staff to provide training to teachers. Teachers learn the teaching routine via a combination of face-to-face sessions conducted by district Level I certified trainers and completion of online-training modules. School districts are required to pay Keys to Literacy a set fee ($100) for each teacher who is trained by a Level I Trainer. The fee covers the cost of a training book and the online course.


The online course for The Key Vocabulary Routine is an essential component of this Level I training. It is also used by certified Level I trainers to deliver professional training for the program. Participants must bring a laptop to the training to access the online course.

Click here to download a brochure/registration form, or register below. 

Who Should Participate

 Recommended Trainer Experience: In order to deliver successful training for our programs, we recommend that district-based Level I Trainers have the following:

  • Experience teaching students in grades K-12
  • Experience delivering formal professional development to groups of teachers
  • Background knowledge about research-based methods for teaching literacy