Keys to Content Writing Instruction for Grades 6-12

Keys to Literacy Event

This event has been cancelled due to school closures.

This Keys to Content Writing one-day professional development focuses on teaching students in middle and high school how to write in all subject areas. Participants learn best practices to address the writing requirements of Common Core standards, including frequent writing in all content areas that includes short and longer writing tasks.

Training Description

The training presents instructional suggestions for the skills required for three kinds of writing tasks: Quick Writes, Content Learning Tasks, and Formal Writing Assignments. Specific skills for argument and informational types of writing are addressed, including skills needed to write from sources Participants receive sample writing templates, graphic organizers, and checklists that are included in the 320-page training book.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of the purpose and kinds of writing that support content learning
  • Expectations of the Common Core writing standards
  • Stages in the writing process (THINK, PLAN, WRITE, REVISE)
  • Ideas for using quick writes to learn content
  • Suggestions for general academic, authentic/real world, and subject-specific content writing tasks
  • Writing from sources, including gathering relevant information into notes
  • Skills required to complete longer, formal pieces that use the three types of writing (i.e., argument, informational, narrative)
  • How to use a Writing Assignment Guide (WAG) to plan writing tasks that incorporate best instructional practices
  • Feedback and revision checklists and rubrics

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Who Should Participate

Grades 6-12 classroom teachers, educators who provide support to struggling readers, literacy specialists and coaches, and administrators.


We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the impact on our employees and the schools where we provide professional development.

During this time period when onsite, face-to-face training and coaching is not possible, we offer multiple options for accessing our literacy PD content and instructional practices.

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