Keys to Comprehension for Students with Learning Disabilities

Keys to Literacy Event

This 15-hour professional development offering consists of two days (11 hours) of training and 4 hours of independent practice activities. Upon completion, participants receive a 15 PDP certificate that meets the Massachusetts teacher certification requirement of 15 PDPs related to strategies for students with disabilities. This professional development uses the content from The Key Comprehension Routine training and incorporates information about the learning needs that students with learning disabilities have with comprehension.

The training presents research-based instructional practices for teaching comprehension throughout the school day in all subject areas. Participants learn how to teach comprehension as Tier I instruction for all students in inclusive classrooms. They also learn how to differentiate instruction and use scaffolds to provide Tier 2 instructional support to students who have weak comprehension because of a learning disability.

Educators that have already attended full training for The Key Comprehension Routine should not attend this session because much of the training content is based on topics covered in our standard Key Comprehension training.

Training Description

The following topics are covered:

  • Overview of reading disabilities
    • Five components of reading, causes of a reading disability
    • Models of tiered instruction
  • Main idea skills
  • Text structure
  • Top-down topic webs
  • Two-column notes
  • Summarizing
  • Question Generation

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One graduate credit is available from Endicott College for an additional charge.

Who Should Participate

Grades 4-5 elementary teachers, 6-12 content classroom teachers, educators who provide support to struggling readers, literacy specialists and coaches, and administrators.


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