Supporting Critical Thinking: Student Question Generation and Rigorous Discussion

Keys to Literacy Event

This one-day seminar offers instructional suggestions for helping students become more critical thinkers through collaborative, peer discussion.

Training Description

Common Core standards (reading and speaking/listening) require students to develop skills they need to participate in structured, peer conversations that support critical thinking skills. This seminar offers practical suggestions to teachers for facilitating and teaching skills for student-centered discussions. Part 1 will focus on teaching students to generate questions at multiple levels of thinking. Part 2 will suggest teacher talk moves, as well as classroom discussion activities.

Topics Covered:

  • Multiple levels of questions: Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Question terms and prompts
  • Peer collaboration to generate questions
  • Teacher talk moves to facilitate student discussion
  • Student accountable talk
  • Practice using structured classroom discussion activities:
    • Save the Last Word
    • Think, Pair, Share
    • Teach-OK
    • Jigsaw
    • Roundtable Brainstorming
    • Conver-stations
    • Fishbowl

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Who Should Participate

All grades 4-12 teachers and administrators.