The Key Comprehension Routine Coach Training

Keys to Literacy Event

Advanced training for building or district level individuals to become a coach facilitator for Keys routines.  The training includes a deep review of the routine and coaching skills. Prior attendance at a Key Comprehension or Key Comprehension for Primary Grades initial training is a pre-requisite for Coach Training.

The Key Comprehension Routine is a research-based comprehension, writing and study strategies program for grades K-12.  This two-day workshop is for building-based and district-level Key Comprehension coaches who will be providing support to teachers who have been trained to implement The Key Comprehension Routine, a program for embedding comprehension instruction in all content areas using existing content reading and instruction material. The routine includes main idea skills, text structure, top-down topic webs, two-column notes, student-generated questions, and summaries.

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December 16-17, 2019: Rowley, MA
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