Keys to Content Writing:
Grades 6-12

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Keys to Content Writing Grades 6-12 provides instructional practices for teaching students how to write in all subject areas using strategies that are aligned with state literacy standards. This professional development uses the Keys to Content Writing book that includes writing templates and graphic organizers, feedback checklists and grading rubrics, and classroom samples (320 pages).

This one-day training covers three types of content writing:

Quick Writes: short (5-10 minutes) writing tasks related to the content; used to process, reflect on, or assess content learning; no revision, not graded

Content Learning Tasks: writing tasks that take place over one or more sessions related to content; used to deepen understanding or assess content learning; may be revised, may be informally evaluated, may be graded; examples: summary, short-answer response

Formal Writing Tasks: writing tasks that take place over multiple sessions related to content; used to more deeply learn content, develop authentic writing skills, assess writing skills, and prepare for on-demand writing; formally evaluated and graded

These topics are included:

  • Expectations of the Common Core writing standards, including text structure for argument, informational, and narrative types of writing
  • Stages in the writing process (THINK, PLAN, WRITE, REVISE)
  • Writing from sources, including gathering relevant information into notes
  • Writing Assignment Guide (WAG): teacher planning tool
  • Suggestions for differentiation and scaffolds to meet the needs of older struggling writers

Who Should Participate

Grades 6-12 classroom teachers of any subject, educators who provide support to struggling writers, literacy specialists and coaches, and administrators.

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During this time period when onsite, face-to-face training and coaching is not possible, we offer multiple options for accessing our literacy PD content and instructional practices.

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