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Does your school or district need a literacy improvement plan? Keys to Literacy consultants can help your school or district develop a long-term literacy plan aligned with a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) model of instruction. We will work with you to develop a customized plan for an individual school or a full district that can range from one to multiple days of consulting based on the amount of support you need.

Our approach to literacy planning is to facilitate a planning process that places your site-based literacy planning team at the center of the process. Your literacy planning team members should include a representative sample of stakeholders in your school or district: administrators, classroom teachers, and specialists.

Our process addresses these six literacy planning components: (1) assessment and data use, (2) Tier I core instruction, (3) Tiers II and III intervention instruction, (4) professional development planning, (5) scheduling and grouping, and (6) literacy resources.

Our literacy planning model brings your planning team through these stages:

  • Initiation Stage
    • Assemble the planning team
    • Develop a “making the case” statement
    • Provide foundational literacy training to team members to build common background knowledge
    • Identify data-collection teams
  • Self-Assessment Stage
    • Collect data about current practices for each of the six components listed above
    • Analyze data to determine strengths and gaps for each component
  • Action Planning Stage
    • Based on the analysis of data, identify and prioritize three to five goals for each component.
    • For each goal, identify several action steps, including a timeline and person(s) responsible for completing the action step
  • Writing the Plan Stage
    • Generate a written literacy plan that includes: introduction and vision statement, a summary of self-assessment findings and goals (with action steps) for the six components, recommended priority for addressing goals, and expectations for schools and individuals
    • Communicating details from the plan to all stakeholders in the school/district
  • Implementation Stage
    • Based on prioritization, begin taking action steps for goals
    • Develop a long-term sustainability plan for keeping the literacy plan “alive” from year to year

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