Caitlin Padget, M.S.


Caitlin Padget began her teaching career as a preschool teacher in Mississippi, before moving to North Carolina and later South Carolina where she spent several years teaching and coaching in grades PreK-2. During her time as a classroom teacher in South Carolina, Caitlin primarily taught students who recently immigrated to the United States and spoke little to no English. These experiences compelled her to dig into research-based reading practices to provide her students with the strategies and skills they needed to be successful. Caitlin completed her M.S. in Early Childhood Studies with an emphasis in Reading Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. She went on to lead the first kindergarten inclusion classroom in her school district. In 2018, Caitlin was named District Teacher of the Year for Saluda County Schools. In addition to her work with Keys to Literacy, Caitlin provides literacy consulting to school districts across the Southeast.



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