Introduction to Letterland

Keys to Literacy Event

Are you looking for an engaging, complete program to teach phonemic awareness, phonics & spelling, and handwriting to young children? If the answer is YES, attend this workshop!

Keys to Literacy is the New England representative for Letterland ... join us to learn about the U.S. version of this remarkable program that was developed 40 years ago in England and is currently used in 110 English speaking countries!

About Letterland

Letterland is the most multi-sensory and fun program we have seen for teaching foundational reading skills. It is a complete phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, and handwriting program for Pre-K through Grade 2. Children learn the sound-letter associations, the alphabetic principle, phonics, and word reading fluency through visuals, music, movement, art, and role-play. Story-based characters who live in Letterland are at the core of this program, aligned to the structured, systematic phonics sequence used in Orton-Gillingham instruction.

Program Highlights

  • Fun and engaging:
    • Children learn letter sounds and patterns through stories based on characters that are visually embedded in letters
    • Multi-sensory learning through songs, visuals, and actions
  • Designed as foundational reading instruction for all students, plus intervention lessons for supplemental instruction
  • Placement and progress monitoring assessments built into unit lessons
  • Tightly aligned with Common Core literacy standards
  • Research-based and proven track record over 40 years in over 100 countries
  • Easy-to-use, complete lesson materials that are economically priced without the need to purchase student consumables

About This Introductory Day

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Meet the Letterland characters a to z and learn their stories, alphabet and writing songs, and Capital Letter tricks
  • Review the systematic phonics scope and sequence as it progresses from PreK through Grade 2
  • View classroom video examples of key Letterland instructional practices such as Live Reading, Live Spelling, Quick Dash, and Guess Who?
  • Learn about the ongoing assessments that are embedded in lessons
  • Learn about the small group supplemental and intervention lessons for struggling students that are embedded in the program
  • Learn how Letterland can be combined with an existing core reading program or guided reading to significant enhance phonemic awareness and phonics skills

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Who Should Participate

All teachers and administrators of children ages 4-7 who want to learn about using Letterland as a foundational reading curriculum.