Keys to Literacy Resource Center

Welcome to the Keys to Literacy Resource Center!

This password-protected site provides resources and materials for administrators in schools using our routines, educators who have been trained as Keys to Literacy coaches, and certified Keys to Literacy Level I Trainers.

This resource center provides material that supports coaches and administrators as they implement Keys to Literacy routines in their schools and districts.

The Level I area of this resource center provides documents needed to deliver Level I Training.

NOTE: The Resource Center is password-protected and may only be accessed by Coaches, Administrators and Level I Trainers. Individuals will be given access to those pages related to their position and the Keys to Literacy routines for which they have been trained.

In the “USER NAME” field, please enter your first and last name with no spaces and with the first letter of each name capitalized. Enter the password given to you by Keys to Literacy.

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