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This instructional routine teaches early elementary students basic oral and written expression skills. K-3 teachers learn how to use oral language, visuals, and read-aloud to provide grade-appropriate instruction that can be incorporated during core literacy and subject-area instruction. Keys to Early Writing provides a consistent approach to early writing skills that is aligned with the writing requirements of the Common Core.

Keys to Early Writing addresses these topics, strategies and skills:

  • Early writing developmental stages and Common Core expectations for grades K-3
  • The language and literacy connection
  • Using read aloud to teach print and writing concepts
  • Suggestions for engaging a community of writers: collaboration, opportunities for feedback, student choice
  • Suggestions for daily writing using quick writes
  • How to teach sentence writing, transitions, and basic paragraph structure
  • Basic text structures for opinion, informational, and narrative composing
  • Stages of the writing process (think & plan, write, revise)
  • Strategies for writing from sources
  • Writing scaffolds, including sentence, paragraph, and multi-paragraph templates
  • Writing Activity Guide (WAG) for planning K-3 writing tasks

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Who Should Participate

Grades K-3 teachers, educators who provide support to struggling writers, literacy specialists and coaches, and grades K-3 administrators.

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