Are you looking for professional learning to help your pre-school teachers use evidence-based language and literacy strategies when working with young children?

If the answer is yes, then this professional development offering may be the answer!

Children entering kindergarten and grade 1 vary greatly in their emergent literacy skills. Because preschool teachers can help set the foundation of literacy skills related to school readiness, one way to address those gaps is to build teachers’ capacity to apply evidence-based strategies in language and literacy instruction.

Keys to Literacy offers emergent literacy training that is organized into four modules:

  • Module 1 Print Knowledge: what it is, why it is important, and how to teach it
  • Module 2 Phonological Awareness: what it is, why it is important, how it develops, and how to teach it
  • Module 3 Vocabulary: how children learn new words and how to teach vocabulary
  • Module 4 Oral Language: what it is, why it is important, instructional suggestions for developing oral language as a foundation for reading and writing

Each module includes three sessions that range from 60 to 90 minutes each, totaling 4 hours per module (16 hours for the full course). A school or district can choose to complete individual modules or the whole set. Professional development for this course is available as live training onsite at schools, or virtual-live format using Zoom.

This professional development offers a collaborative professional learning experience that is designed to be used in a professional learning community (PLC) setting. Pre-school educators participate in discussions, engage in hands-on activities, and reflect on their own implementation of strategies learned during the training sessions with the support of peers and a Keys to Literacy trainer.

The content for this professional development was developed by the Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast for the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education.

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We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the impact on our employees and the schools where we provide professional development.

During this time period when onsite, face-to-face training and coaching is not possible, we offer multiple options for accessing our literacy PD content and instructional practices.

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