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Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Offerings

Keys to Literacy offers two types of support for phonemic awareness and phonics instruction in Pre-K through Grade 3: foundational professional development AND the Letterland phonics program.

Foundational Professional Development

We provide professional development for the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency based on training modules from our Keys to Beginning Reading professional development course. This professional development is appropriate for any educators who teach foundational reading skills to students in grades PreK to 3, and for educators who provide intervention instruction to struggling students in grades 4-5. View topics covered in each module:

  • Phonological Awareness: role in learning to read; word and syllable awareness; alliteration, onset-rime and rhyme awareness; phoneme awareness (blending, segmenting, manipulation)


  • Phonics: the alphabetic principle; phonics scope and sequence; letter recognition and naming; multi-cuing and multi-sensory models for teaching letter-sound correspondences; blending/segmenting to read and spell words; syllable types; syllable division and structural analysis for multi-syllable words


  • Fluency: accuracy, rate, prosody; teaching fluency for letter-sound knowledge, word part, phrase, and sentence reading; developing text fluency and prosody; measuring fluency

Click here to learn about the full Keys to Beginning Reading course. 

Letterland Program and Professional Development

Keys to Literacy offers program materials, product demonstration, and professional development for the Letterland phonics program. When we decided to offer a phonics program, we knew it had to be up to the quality, high standards that educators have come to expect from Keys to Literacy. That is why we chose Letterland.

Letterland is a complete phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, and handwriting program for Pre-K through Grade 2. Young children learn letter sounds and phonics patterns through story-based characters that are visually embedded in letters. Letterland uses a structured, systematic phonics sequence aligned with Orton-Gillingham practices. It is the most engaging program we have seen for teaching foundational reading skills, using a multi-sensory approach to activate learning through visuals, music, movement, art, and role-play.

Keys to Literacy offers a one-day training for each Letterland grade level (i.e., PreK, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3) and for the Letterland Intervention program.

View the 17 minute “Overview of Letterland” video to the right to learn more about this engaging way to teach foundational reading skills.

Click here to view a one-hour archived webinar about Letterland.

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