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Keys to Beginning Reading

Training Manual: Keys to Beginning Reading


The training manual for Keys to Beginning Reading is organized into 9 chapters that align to the 9 core modules in the professional development course. Training content, classroom activities, charts, words lists and more make this manual a long-term resource for teaching beginning reading. Combination soft and hard cover, spiral bound, 460 pages.


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Online Professional Development Course: Keys to Beginning Reading


This online course covers the same content as the live training and is aligned to the Keys to Beginning Reading training manual. The course is organized into 11 modules and takes approximately 36 hours to complete. This is an asynchronous course, which means users can log on and off multiple times to complete the course assignments at their own pace. It includes activities, video clips, and numerous resources. A copy of the Keys to Beginning Reading training manual is included in the registration purchase price. Graduate credit is available. Click here to learn  more about live training or the hybrid-online option for taking this course.

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US Shipping & Handling: $11.00 for 1st course; $8 for each additional course.

International Shipping & Handling: $32.00 for each course

Item # OL-KBR Please allow two weeks for the course to be activated and delivery of the book (four weeks for international).


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