Letterland Phonics Program Training: Kindergarten

Keys to Literacy Event

Keys to Literacy is offering teacher training for using Letterland, our newest offering for primary grades.

Letterland is the most engaging, multi-sensory, and explicit core reading program for teaching phonemic awareness and phonics that we have seen. It is a complete program with materials for grades Pre-K through 2 and includes additional intervention lessons.

Training Description

Learn how to use the Letterland Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide, character letter-sound stories, alphabet and handwriting songs, placement and progress monitoring assessments, and all the instructional materials that come with the Letterland program. You will also be introduced to the supplemental intervention lessons.

Kindergarten training covers:

  • Phonemic awareness & alphabet immersion
  • Blending & segmenting letter sounds, onsets & rimes
  • Word building using short a, e, i, o, u and ck, sh, th, ng
  • Consonant blends, long vowels, silent magic e
  • Double vowel teams ai, ay, ea, ee, oa, ie, ue
  • R-controlled vowels ar, er, ir, or, ur
  • High-frequency sight words

Consider combining this training with the Letterland Grade 1 Training on the next day!

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Who Should Participate

All teachers and administrators of children ages 4 through 7 who want to learn how to teach foundation skills using Letterland AND who want to learn more about using Letterland as a reading foundations curriculum.


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October 25, 2018: Carver, MA
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November 13, 2018: Rowley, MA
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