Kentucky Read to Achieve (RTA) Grant

Are you applying for a competitive Read to Achieve (RTA) grant from the Kentucky Department of Education? Are you looking for a KDE-approved provider to deliver reading and writing professional development for this grant?

Keys to Literacy can provide all of the professional development your school needs for multi-tiers of evidence-based instructional strategies that address the diverse needs of primary students (K-3) reading at low levels and needing accelerated learning.

About the RTA Grant 

KDE anticipates funding approximately 225 schools at an estimated $62,000 per year for a two-year periodSchools that are awarded RTA grant funds must provide matching funds and assure the complete sustainability of the professional learning requirements and all costs associated with implementing the professional learning and intervention program into the appropriate tiers of instruction for the two-year period. After this two-year period, RTA schools will be eligible to request a grant renewal for an additional two years contingent upon implementation of all program components, grant requirement compliance, demonstrated student progress, the availability of funds and successfully meeting all assurances per KRS 158.792 Section 3(b). Click here to access the KDE RTA website. Click here to see the approved vendor list.

The grant application is due to KDE by January 21, 2022, which includes a detailed, high-quality professional learning plan for all teachers and staff who provide reading instruction in the primary (K-3) program. This includes identifying a professional development provider.

Why should you choose Keys to Literacy (KTL)?

The professional development must meet all four of these key areas: 1) Building Knowledge in the Science of Reading, 2) Implementing Essential Components of Reading, 3) Implementing KAS for reading/writing, 4) Supporting the Reading-Writing Connection.


  • KTL is one of the few approved vendors that offers courses that cover all four key areas. By selecting KTL you will have the flexibility to determine which key areas and which 2 years you would like to work with Keys to Literacy.
  • KTL provides multiple format options for participating in our PD. Your educators have the following choices for taking our PD courses: a) Fully asynchronous online courses, b) Hybrid: online course combined with virtual-live facilitated PD sessions, c) All-live delivered in virtual format, d) All-live delivered face-to-face.
  • KTL will develop a flexible, customized PD plan based on the needs of your school that can include job-embedded implementation coaching.
  • KTL trainers are highly skilled literacy consultants with experience as teachers and administrators.
  • KTL’s pricing is affordable and economical.

What KTL courses are approved for the RTA grant?

  • Keys to Beginning Reading: a science-of-reading course that provides the background knowledge to teach all the components of beginning reading instruction. The course is organized into 11 modules: reading basics, oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, sentence structure, text structure, comprehension, reading assessment, and students who have reading difficulty. Click here to learn more about our Keys to Beginning Reading course
  • Keys to Early Writing: a research-based course that provides the background knowledge to teach the components of beginning writing instruction. The course covers these topics: engaging a community of writers, stages of the writing process, first steps – drawing/labels/lists, syntax and sentences, paragraph writing, three types of writing, writing from sources. Click here to learn more about our Keys to Early Writing course

Want to learn more?

  1. Download an information sheet that includes costs.
  2. Contact us for more information: Email:    Phone: 978-948-8511 Ext. 205


We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the impact on our employees and the schools where we provide professional development.

During this time period when onsite, face-to-face training and coaching is not possible, we offer multiple options for accessing our literacy PD content and instructional practices.

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