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A free webinar video of Joan Sedita presenting professional development about content vocabulary instruction is now available. It includes a teacher study guide and knowledge quiz. The video is approximately 90 minutes and can be used as an in-house professional development workshop with teachers of grades 4-12.

It is available through the Southern Maine Area Resource Team (SMART) for Schools at the University of Southern Maine.   The video was taken in September, 2014 during Joan’s presentation at the Reading Matters to Maine Fifth Annual Conversation About Reading.

Here are the topics Joan covers:

  • Why is vocabulary instruction needed?
  • How do students acquire new vocabulary?
  • Research on effective instruction
  • Instructional practices from The Key Vocabulary Routine
    • Previewing difficult vocabulary prior to reading
    • Activities to connect vocabulary: semantic mapping, semantic feature analysis
    • Selecting specific words to teach in-depth
    • Using context clues and word parts (prefixes, roots, suffixes) to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words

The video covers several key instructional practices from The Key Vocabulary Routine, one of several professional development programs offered by Keys to Literacy.

Another vocabulary instruction resource is available at the Keys to Literacy website. It is an archived webinar that Joan presented titled “Effective Vocabulary Instruction: A Combination of Direct and Indirect Instruction”.  Schools can use this 56-minute webinar for an in-house professional development tool.

I hope you will find these vocabulary instruction resources helpful.

Brad Neuenhaus

Brad is the co-founder of Keys to Literacy. Over his seven years in education, he has focused on developing on and offline materials and processes to support the professional learning of teachers and administrators. His interest is in developing programs and implementation strategies that support sustainable school and district wide instructional change.

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  1. Stella

    Both links to the initial video are broken. Is the video available elsewhere?

    • Joan Sedita

      Sorry, but the video is no longer available at the original source. However, you may find helpful other webinars related to vocabulary instruction, available at the Keys to Literacy free resources section of the website.



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