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Part of the Keys to Literacy mission is to make research-based, practical instructional material available to educators. To address this goal, we provide a wide range of free resources that can be accessed from the Keys to Literacy website. We recently updated much of this material, so I decided to focus this blog entry on identifying these resources and providing links to them.

Click on any of the links to access the following:

  • Published articles
    • The Common Core of Literacy and Literature
    • Adolescent Literacy: Addressing the Needs of Students in Grades 4-12
    • Learning to Write and Writing to Learn
    • Teaching Comprehension and Text Structure in the Content Areas
    • Helping Your Child with Organization and Study Skills
    • What Every Educator and Parent Should Know About Reading Instruction
    • Effective Vocabulary Instruction
    • Basic Teaching Principles
    • Middle and High School Reading Achievement: A School-Wide Approach
    • Adolescent Literacy: School-Wide Planning
    • Adolescent Literacy: Content Literacy and the Common Core
  • Worksheets and templates
    • Over 60 instructional worksheets, word lists, and templates from Keys to Literacy’s professional development programs
  • Links to literacy resources
    • Numerous links to literacy websites, videos, and published articles/books
  • Keys to Literacy Archived Newsletters
    • Back issues of electronic newsletters that focus on a literacy instruction topic and provide related teaching resources
  • Archived Keys to Literacy webinars
    • A set of archived webinars focuses on topics such as note taking, text structure, quick writes, etc.
  • Keys to Literacy videos
    • Five to fifteen minute video clips of Keys to Literacy trainers delivering professional development for multiple comprehension, writing, and vocabulary instruction topics

All of these resources are free to the general public. Thousands of visitors to our website take advantage of these resources every month. Please check them out and pass along information about these resources to your colleagues!

Joan Sedita

Joan Sedita is the founder of Keys to Literacy and author of the Keys to Literacy professional development programs. She is an experienced educator, nationally recognized speaker and teacher trainer. She has worked for over 35 years in the literacy education field and has presented to thousands of teachers and related professionals at schools, colleges, clinics, and professional conferences.

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