Three Ideas to Motivate Kids to Write

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In recent writing follow-ups for Keys to Content Writing, I have noticed a positive trend of teachers “stepping outside of the box” when it comes to writing instruction.  The goal?  To make writing more meaningful for their students.

What are three simple things you can do to make writing assignments in your class more meaningful?

First, determine the purpose of the assignment: be clear about what the writing is meant to convey. At the same time, consider audience.  Writing for real audiences engages students in a meaningful way.  Teachers must clearly convey audience and purpose to students.

Next, allow students choice in topic of writing.  You can use the standards to help guide the focus, but choice is another key ingredient to building engagement with writing.

Finally, allow students time to move through the writing process with your guidance and support.  Throughout the stages, provide opportunities for collaboration and feedback.

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Lisa Klein

Lisa Klein Lisa is an experienced educator with a passion for literacy. Lisa has been a Keys to Literacy trainer since 2012. Throughout her career, Lisa has served as a classroom teacher, a literacy trainer, and a reading specialist.

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