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Teaching Question Generation

by Joan Sedita | 1 | 0 Comments

The September issue of Educational Leadership (ASCD) is devoted to the topic of using questioning for learning. If you are a member of ASCD, you can access all of the articles in that issue, but for those of you who are not members, there are several good pieces that are available to the general public:

Question generation by students is one of the four comprehension strategy activities in The Key Comprehension Routine. Teachers who participate in professional development for this program learn how to teach students how to generate a question at every level of Bloom’s Taxonomy about anything they learn in class that is read, said, or done. Click below to download a set of question terms and prompts from this program.

Joan Sedita

Joan Sedita is the founding partner of Keys to Literacy and author of the Keys to Literacy routines. She is an experienced educator, nationally recognized speaker and teacher trainer. She has worked for over 35 years in the literacy education field and has presented to thousands of teachers and related professionals at schools, colleges, clinics, and professional conferences.

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